4.17 - Sound Preview on Animation Editor not working

Hi all,

It seems since I’ve upgraded to 4.17, I am unable to preview any sound clip that is being played in the Notifies timeline from the Animation Editor.
They will normally play during runtime, just not in the animation editor (in previous versions, I could preview them in the animation editor).

Am I missing something here?

Thank you!


I was unable to replicate the issue. What were the steps that you took to create the notify and to apply the sound? Also, does you sound play just fine as a wav file without being attached to the notify? If you select your notify, you can select the details panel to the right and should be able to view more settings. If the Volume Multiplier is set to 0, the notify will not be audible. (See screenshots below)


Let me know if this helps.

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Ridley R,

Thank you for the reply! The volume multiplier is set to 1.0 and it plays back just fine without being attached to the notify.
In the meantime, I noticed this only happens with Sound Cues. Sound Wavs will play fine in the notifies timeline.

Here’s a video clip with a Sound Cue being played both in the Sound Cue Editor(sound plays) and in the Animation Editor (sound does not play):

Thank you!

I have attached a sound cue there instead and I am not having the same results. When I plug it in, it is playing in both locations. I think it may be a different setting you have applied. What are your Attenuation Settings and Sound Class Settings? Also, select your notify and check the details panel on the right in the animation editor to make sure the settings are set up correctly there. Can you post a screenshot of your Cue setup as well? If it is a bug it could be due to one of the nodes in there as well.

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Due to inactivity, I will be closing this out. If you have any further questions regarding the issue mentioned above, feel free to reopen this thread.

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Hello guys,

I am having the same problem, but know halfway what is the problem. While there are some sounds that will play always in animation editor (while they are attached and these stuffs), some sounds wont play unless you click on the window in which the animation of model is being played. If I do then I immediately can hear all sounds that are played.

Hope this helps you a bit, but sadly I dont know how to fix this.

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Sound cues may contain sound attenuation. In version 4.26 in the AnimNotify details there is a checkbox :ballot_box_with_check: Preview Ignore Attenuation. I checked this box and the sounds played again.