4.17 Relative Rotation Broken

In 4.17 getting relative rotation of a camera or a spring arm is always returning 0.

To reproduce:
Third person template.
Open third person character, get camera boom or follow camera var, get relative rot and print.

Edit: Please disregard, I made a mistake. Old text:
Might be related: Manually setting a camera arm rotation (with bUsePawnControlRotation=false) seems broken in 4.17 as well.

Maybe a different approach for now?
What are you trying to do?

yes, I’m having a similar issue with my spring arm… (use Use Pawn Control Rotation is off, and I’m using rotation lag).

it behaves fine, but I can’t get the values for its relative rotation

I just ran into this issue… seems insane that this is broken at this stage of development… I’ve made a knob in-game to control lights, and for now I have to use the WorldRotation and not allow the knobs to be re-positioned :frowning:


Try using “GetTargetRotation()” on the Spring Arm component.

Hope that helps!


:slight_smile: thank you Alex… this is certainly helpful… is there a way to set or add to the spring arm rotation with Use Pawn Control Rotation turned on, and Inherit Pitch/Yaw/Roll turned on?

It does not look like it. Closest thing I can find would be using “SetControlRotation” (Talks directly to Player Controller)

yeah, that’s what I’ve found too… as you know though, Set Control Rotation also moves the player, not just the Spring Arm/Camera… ah well, maybe one day. Thanks for your help though! :slight_smile: