4.17 Linker errors for some plug-ins

Hi folks,

we are currently updating our game from 4.16. to 4.17 and I’m getting some linker errors on Linux for the following plug-ins:

  • AndroidPermission
  • ArchVisCharacter
  • CableComponent
  • ImmediatePhysics
  • MobilePatchingUtils
  • OnlineSubsystem
  • OnlineSubsystemSteam
  • OnlineSubsystemUtils
  • Paper2D
  • PhysXVehicles
  • ProceduralMeshComponent
  • UdpMessaging

In the log I’m getting undefined reference to ...: for the methods

GetPrivateStaticClassBody(wchar_t const*, wchar_t const*, UClass*&, void (*)(), ,...`    
UClass* (*)(), bool)
UDelegateFunction::UDelegateFunction(FObjectInitializer const&, UFunction*, unsigned int...
UFunction::UFunction(FObjectInitializer const&, UFunction*, unsigned int, ...

and multiple definition of ...: for lots of (probably all) other functions from the affected compile units.

It would be great to get some hints what might cause this errors or where its best to start investigation on this.

It is likely that you are updating in place. Please delete the Intermediate folders everywhere (Engine/Intermediate and in your project) - at some point UHT-generated files changed from .generated.cpp to .gen.cpp, but you likely got both versions in the Intermediate.

Thanks for your help. It really seems that this was caused by some leftovers of 4.16. Although just deleting all Intermediate folders alone did not solve the issue, things worked as they should after I wiped the entire workspace and did a new checkout.