[4.17] How to prevent a button's child from triggering the OnClicked Event, but still be visible?

Im have a button, that is layered ontop of another button.
The lower button selects an actor, while the upper button triggers an action on that actor.
There are certain situations in which I want the upper button to be “disabled” but still visible.
Actually disabling the button removes interaction but when the player click the disabled upper button the mouse hit is sent to the the lower button triggering it’s OnClick event.

This is not intuitive to the player, as one would expect the upper button(which as intended is still visible) to prevent clicking on the lower button. So I tried to set the upper button to “Self Hit Test Invisible” to prevent interaction, but then set the Image Icon it is using as a child to “Visible”. The result was the upper button could successfully be clicked.

Why does a button’s “Visible” child, trigger the “Self Hit Test Invisible” button?

Is there a way to prevent a button’s child from triggering the OnClicked Event, but still be visible, without a bunch of custom scripting?