[4.17] How to check if a Widget or Blueprint Widget is off screen?

I tried using the IsInViewport node but it always returns false, even when the widget in question is clearly on screen.
I tried updating the viewport position in the widget in question and then setting a bool to be true or false accordingly, but the widget’s tick stops functioning when it is offscreen so the bool never gets set to false. The widget is also still considered “visible” while offscreen so I can’t use the IsVisible node.

Is there some way of checking if a widget is completely or partially on or off screen?

I found a method. Tho it still seems odd to me that there doesn’t seem to be a default method for checking if a widget is completely or partially off screen…

First I created a custom Widget Blueprint called “Position Tracker”
Within that blueprint’s Tick I set a Vector2D variable called “ViewportPosition” by calling a LocalToViewport Node, and getting the Viewport Position Pin.

I then set up this Node script in the primary HUD’s Tick:

With this I can check if a widget with the Position Trackers is partially or completely off screen and even determine what part of the screen the widget is off of.