[4.17]: Can't expose property of FBoneReference type in Blueprint anymore.

…because it’s not USTRUCT(BlueprintType) in \Engine\Source\Runtime\Engine\Public\BoneContainer.h

Can you advise me please how to expose the reference to the bones now without customizing entire Engine?

Thank you!

Per a thread on UDN…

“This behaviour is by design. Enforcement of blueprint markup has been fairly lax up until now and we’re trying to improve matters. It is the intent that a type not marked as BlueprintType should not be usable by blueprints.”

Suggested fix:

“As noted in the report, the best solution for your case would either to be to add BlueprintType to the FBoneReference struct if you are using source code or to create a wrapper struct that is BlueprintType which contains the FBoneReference variable and then use a variable of your wrapper struct instead.”

My suggestion:

Try and use an FName for the bone name and create a FBoneReference from it in code and use that. Not fun but hopefully works.

Thank you for advise!

Yeah, for current state FName is the only way to reference bones :frowning: Although FBoneReference is much more desired due avoiding misnaming errors etc…