[4.17.2] Binding functions to "Tool Tip Widget" fails.

I tried to bind a function to the variable “Tool Tip Widget” while designing my main menu.

I found the bound function was never called, as the breakpoint I placed within the function was never hit.

I bound a function to “Tool Tip Text” instead and was successfully able to create a tool tip widget via the “Set Tool Tip” Node. But it seems rather un-intuitive and confusing, is this behavior intended?

It’s working as intended, you’re supposed to bind a custom widget there.

Then what is “Tool Tip Widget” for?

It is an automated way to display tooltips. The tooltip is a whole another widget rather than just a piece of text. This way you can bind a custom widget with fancy features and not worry about spawning / referencing / adding to viewport / positioning / despawning / triggering animations and so on. It’s done automatically.