4.16 Sequences Do not Play Correctly

Hi, thank you for reading.

Sometimes my sequences play correctly, sometimes they don’t play at all, and sometimes they skips a random amount of the animation. Most of the time they do not play correctly; this occurs in both PIE and standalone. There are two sequences, both are short camera animations when changing menus from the HUD.

I made a few level sequences in 4.12 that played perfectly; I’ve updated to 4.16 and everything in my game seems to work except these sequences. I’ve tried remaking them completely, including the camera actor they use…no luck though. Also tried playing around with all the sequence/camera settings with no luck.

The player controller possesses the CineCam actor when the MainMenu is created, then a level sequence player is made when the Options button is clicked from the MainMenu which then plays. After a delay equal to the duration of the sequence, the OptionsMenu Widget is created and added to the viewport. The back button can be pressed from the OptionsMenu, reversing the entire process including playing the sequence in reverse (-1 play rate).

The sequence itself is just a transform animation of the player’s possessed pawn, which is simply a pawn with a camera component. Altering the camera’s transform instead of the pawn’s transform gave the same result. I have also tried moving the keyframes off the beginning+end frames of the animation. Have also tried having the sequence placed in the level and not placed in the level.

Any help and feedback is greatly appreciated!

I got it to work…which is great! Not sure if its the correct approach but hey. I had to create a level sequence player actor and place one in my level for each sequence I wanted to play. Then I was able to use GetActorsOfClass (myLevelSequenceActor1) and use play/play reverse/etc. nodes off of that.

Leaving this here in case anyone else gets as confused as I was.