4.16 "r.Mobile.TonemapperFilm" usage

Anyone know if the new “r.Mobile.TonemapperFilm” feature in 4.16 can be used with mobileHDR off?

Or is mobile HDR required? Anyone know about the performance hit using it?

The tonemapper is part of Mobile HDR.

Thanks for the info - I tried it myself and don’t see the difference to the old tonemapper property in terms of performance. What is the difference exactly? I was just trying a different color LUT and performance on a S7 drops big time :frowning:

Take a look here: https://docs.unrealengine.com/latest/INT/Platforms/Mobile/PostProcessEffects/#enablingtonemapperformobiledevices. There are before/after screenshots here to show the difference.

Hi Chris yeah I am aware of that and had already tried it in the past with the command in that documenation. I’m just wondering what the difference is with the new command in 4.16? (not in the documentation).

ie the documentation uses “r.TonemapperFilm” which works since ages in UE4 - whereas in the release notes of 4.16 there is this new command “r.Mobile.TonemapperFilm” and was just wondering if there is any difference or in fact it’s exactly the same thing? I was hoping it would offer better performance however the performance is exactly the same :frowning:

I believe we just added r.Mobile.TonemapperFilm as a separate CVar for mobile so you can have it set differently for desktop (default is enabled on desktop, off for mobile).

Could tonemapper issues be causing this problem?