4.16 Physics Instability

Unreal Engine 4.16 seems to have introduced some odd physics instabilities. Create a new first person shooter project (blueprints or C++) and shoot the top of one of the boxes. It doesn’t come to a rest properly but instead dances around randomly. I tried messing with the physics settings to get rid of this but didn’t have any luck. I even enabled physics sub-stepping to no avail.

I took a video as proof I’m not going crazy: UE416 bad physics - YouTube

I checked and this behavior isn’t present in 4.15.3.

Hi JTJones853,

Thank you for the report. This is something we are aware of internally and are working to get a fix in for asap.


Update Here is the public report: JIRA UE-45674

Follow that link to monitor the status.

Cool, thanks! Glad I’m not going (more) crazy…