4.16 packaging error?

Hi everyone, since 4.16 im not able to package the game. Im not sure if its about the version or something we did wrong. Any clue?


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This happen to my projects some times, when is a unknown error I solve in this way:
Migrate the game to a new project.

  1. Create a new empty project or with starter content.
  2. Migrate all your folders to the content file of your new project, also create a copy or export your game input in project settings.
  3. Open the new project with everything migrated, import saved game input.
  4. Test everything works
  5. Build the game

Migrate every root folder

Don’t forget to export input game if your project has it

Thanks for your answer!, Migrating the project show us that some blueprints had “Bad cast nodes”, (those werent before we updated 4.16), we fixed that and its now running.