4.16 NvCloth without SkeletalMesh


I am wondering if there is a way to create cloth with the new NvCloth solver in 4.16 without it being attached to a Skeletal Mesh.
Say I have a tablecloth (StaticMesh) and I want to turn it into physics cloth so it can fall and drape over something, is this possible? I can’t seem to find how to make this work.

Also one last question, is the performance of the new cloth system good enough for IOS or Android applications in low amounts.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

You could do it with Nvidia Flex

Hi Maxime.Dupart

Thank you for the advice, I will have a look at how I can integrate Flex.
Looking very briefly, I cannot see if Flex is available on mobile platforms.
Do you know if it works on IOS and Android?

Hi cove, did you find if nvcloth works with static meshes?
Did you try flex? Problem is that only runs on CUDA and seems to be kind of “dead” by Nvidia