4.16 New animation plugin test model failure-anyone know why?

Just download latest version, can’t wait to test the new animation plugin, now here is what I got so far:

The model is from Fuse, rigged on mixamo, already retargeted, I applied animation to the model, left is how she should be look like, and right is how she crash after apply the plugin.

I tried another model from a third party, same problem.

So I tried a model form UE offical content folder(Owen), at first glance, it looks not that bad, but…

The hand is a little twisted.

And the legs too, so the one with plugin is a little shorter than it should be in pic 3, and the coat is twisted too.

The question: is it because the beta version? Or is it only works on UE default skeleton & model?

What’s the difference between UE4 and third party’s skeleton and rigging system? I guess this is the reason for all the crashing model.

How should I rig the model(say I create one by myself) so it can match the new plugin?

What if I want to import mocap animation and refine it in UE with this new plugin? Is it possible? If it’s possible, what’s the standard working process?

That’s a lot of questions, but that’s the key question for my project right now. Hope I could get some hints here, thanks!

It only works with the mannequin skeleton for now. If you really want to use it you can animate the mannequin and retarget the finished animation to your other skeletons.