[4.16] Navigating ComboBox using keyboard/gamepad is not working


when creating a ComboBox in UMG, opening the and selection the options works fine when using the mouse.
However, trying to do the same in keyboard/gamepad (using Xbox 360 controller) is not working.

The selections opens when you press the combo box BUT you can’t navigate any of the options as the highlighted option does not move.

Also, if you open the combobox with a mouse and navigate with a keyboard you can move highlighted option but when you select one of the them, it doesn’t choose the new option.

The only thing works is when you open the combobox and using PageUp and PageDn button but it only chooses the first and last selections.

Steps to Reproduce.

1- Create a project.

2- Create a widget blueprint.

3- Add a ComboBox inside the widget.

4- Add a few default options inside the combobox.

5- Add widget to viewport while game paused and game mode set to Game and UI.

6- Try to navigate ComboBox using keyboard/gamepad.

I am seeing this behavior as well using the repro steps listed above.

It is worth noting that the navigation of the combo box items using the keyboard and gamepad does seem to work when the combo box is first expanded with the mouse. However, if it is expanded using the keyboard or gamepad, navigation of the individual items does not function as described above.

Hello Hassunami,

I was able to reproduce this issue on our end. I have written up a report and I have submitted it the developers for further consideration. I have provided a link to the public tracker. Please feel free to use the link provided for future updates.

Link: Unreal Engine Issues and Bug Tracker (UE-45558)

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We are encountering the same issue which is an enormous blocking situation for us.
I cannot find any code modification from 4.15 version which may created an issue…
Have you found any workaround?

I haven’t looked for a workaround unfortunately. I thought i would wait for a new version with a fix since i upgraded my project to 4.16 recently. Also, from the report submitted the fix would probably come with version 4.18

gamepad does seem to work when the combo box is first expanded with the mouse.

In this case only the navigation works, but you still can’t select any element. (It just move the highlight without consequences)

Target Fix 4.20?!
Okay… so no combo box for our game.

Everything’s better at 4.20 :stuck_out_tongue: j/k

Hello, I just want to post an update.

As of version 4.20, the problem is mostly fixed. I can navigate using gamepad and keyboard normally.
There is however a slight issue which is no big deal.

The first time you open the combo box it will focus on the first option ( sometimes it won’t be highlighted to the option itself). However, closing the combo box and opening it again will correct itself so it’s not big deal.

There are still numerous issues with this. If you use a game controller or keyboard to confirm a choice in a combo box it records the commit method as “direct” the same as if you use the Set select option function, which means you can’t distinguish between the two in code.