4.16~4.18 Editor hangs when creating Data Asset OSX 10.13

For the last week I’ve been trying to start a project using the Unreal engine but the editor keeps hanging at random times as well as consistently repeatable times. I took 2 samples of the hung editor, the first sample is a random hang inputing values into a string variable, the second sample is one of the repeatable create Data Asset hangs. I hope this gets fixed soon as I would love to be able to use unreal for more than a few minutes at a time.

Unreal 4.18
right click in content browser → create Data Asset → hang, no crash report have to force quit

Unreal 4.16~4.18
right click animation → retarget → hang, no crash report have to force quit

Macbook Pro 13" - OSX 10.13
16GB Memory
2.7 Ghz i5
Intel Iris 6100

Random hang sample
Data Asset hang

Hi koushi,

I was unable to reproduce this when I tried initially, but your description sounded somewhat similar to an issue I reported a while ago (UE-48257). Is your Mac currently set to use a language other than English? We have had reports of hangs in certain situations when a Mac was set to use Japanese. When I set the Mac to use Japanese (Romaji), I received a hang when trying to create a Data Asset.

Yes I have my Mac set to use English as well as Japanese. Sounds like the same issue. Didn’t think the input language would cause hangs. I had it hang again multiple times trying to retarget animations. I wonder if that’s the cause.