[4.16/4.16.1] Cannot save pose in the retarget manager

Hi! I’m trying to retarget some animations I just bought and after I set unreal’s skeleton into a t-pose I can’t save it (which means I can’t do any retargeting at all). The save button is simply missing.


Was the button moved somewhere else? :confused:

No, you need to click Modify Pose, there’s a new option “Use CurrentPose”. Which basically means Save.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

The Wording of Unreal is just terrible, it should use just plain laymen english. Not deep technical terms.

While I feel bad to bring back this topic, I have to agree with tozan. Whoever decided that “save” should be renamed into “Use CurrentPose” should be fired. I wasted a whole hour trying to figure out why I can’t save the thing…

This is such a bad design decision, not even speaking about that the option is hidden under another button. :mad:

They didn’t just change it to annoy people though. They changed it in order to allow for creating base poses using pose assets which is a powerful feature (you can create your poses in 3D software instead and import into UE4 instead of having to change everything in Persona).

how about "save with options (or ‘modify pose’) and a simple “save”?

I was following a UE4 official tutorial (skeleton assets), and this one got me too :frowning:

I’m using 4.19 and couldn’t find the “save” button.

Thank you for clearing this up.

This makes me so mad :mad:
Edit: It’s not that bad to put the option under another button but they shouldn’t have renamed it.

4.24 and the label still reads “Click the Save button below” despite there being none. Glad I stumbled on this thread.

4.26 and its not saving anything even if clicked “Use current pose”. What the f