4.16.2 Hotfix Released

The 4.16.2 Hotfix is now live! This hotfix resolves many critical issues in the 4.16 release, including a number of the top Mac crashes.

Feel free to discuss this release on the 4.16 Forum thread.

If you experience a bug with the 4.16.2 Hotfix, please follow the How to Report a Bug guide to report it on the UE4 Answerhub.

Special Note
In 4.16 we enabled PCM for PhysX (their new contact generation algorithm). While this gives great performance improvements, we are still working with them to fix some final stability and jitter issues. As such we recommend turning PCM off if you experience jitter in your simulation. (Project Settings > Physics > Simulation > Enable PCM)

Fixed in 4.16.2

Fixed! UE-45674 Physics objects will bounce unrealistically just before coming to rest
Fixed! UE-45813 Integrate VirtualBones crash fix into next release patch
Fixed! UE-45264 Crash undoing in Montage editor with no montage sections
Fixed! UE-45670 Performing a launch on to windows, and then enabling world HLOD and opening the outliner will crash the editor
Fixed! UE-45131 Actors in 4.16 do not enter a resting state when expected
Fixed! UE-45715 AES/RSA keys are plain text in the pak file when ini encryption is disabled
Fixed! UE-42205 Hot reload reported as failed in Visual Studio for projects opened in the Editor after having hot reloads performed successfully previously
Fixed! UE-45563 Users project crashes when opening level that loads multiple sub-levels
Fixed! UE-46371 Cooked game crashes during async loading when the engine also has to load another package
Fixed! UE-46372 When the async loading thread is enabled the game sometimes crashes trying to construct a Blueprint Class GC token stream
Fixed! UE-45901 Invalid API documentation file
Fixed! UE-45854 [CrashReport] UE4Editor_Engine!UHierarchicalInstancedStaticMeshComponent::BuildTreeIfOutdated
Fixed! UE-45845 [CrashReport] Crash when painting foliage with a null static mesh
Fixed! UE-45562 Crash when opening level that uses foliage with a deleted mesh
Fixed! UE-46620 Ensure when packaging ShooterGame
Fixed! UE-46248 Edit shared defaults for multiple blueprints leads to Engine crash.
Fixed! UE-45519 Open Level node does not open the correct level in Packaged game
Fixed! UE-45652 Regression in reroute node alignment, causing them to no longer line up with any wires
Fixed! UE-45985 Editing ChildActorComponents on a Parent BP can corrupt a Child BP’s state.
Fixed! UE-46335 Asset Registry CachedInheritanceMap not populated in cooked builds
Fixed! UE-45560 [CrashReport] Assertion failed in UE4Editor_LandscapeEditor!FLandscapeEditorCustomNodeBuilder_TargetLayers::HandleDragDetected()
Fixed! UE-45183 Removing components from Landscape with simplified collision results in assertion
Fixed! UE-45612 Android.NewKeyboard CVar doesn’t work
Fixed! UE-46354 Android iterating with Launch On in always recompiles android_native_app_glue.c and UELinkerfixups
Fixed! UE-42508 Crash Occurs on Exiting Standalone After Using DemoPlay
Fixed! UE-46296 Move updatetexture gpu crash fixes into 4.16.2
Fixed! UE-46004 Map load stalls in texture streaming code
Fixed! UE-46061 [CrashReport] UE4Editor_Renderer!FMaterialShader::VerifyExpressionAndShaderMaps() [shaderbaseclasses.cpp:148]
Fixed! UE-45849 Light grid edge infinite loop paranoid handling
Fixed! UE-45725 Frequent ensure opening meshes on Mac, locks up AMD machines
Fixed! UE-45548 DefaultBloomKernel.uexp (32MB) included on mobile
Fixed! UE-44704 Auto Exposure in Static Mesh Editor whites out the viewport when Vert Colors is enabled
Fixed! UE-46063 [CrashReport] Assertion failed: !IsLoading() in CollectGarbageInternal()
Fixed! UE-45734 Crash when loading the tutorials for ‘Landscape Painting Mode’ and ‘Landscape Sculpting Mode’
Fixed! UE-44523 Crash occurs while clicking through the Landscape Overview Tutorial
Fixed! UE-46069 [CrashReport] Assertion on Mac in FCocoaRunLoopSource
Fixed! UE-45841 [CrashReport] Mac crash in FSlateApplication::LocateWindowUnderMouse
Fixed! UE-45837 [CrashReport] Mac crash in UE4Editor-Core.dylib!FApplePlatformString::TCHARToCFString()
Fixed! UE-45739 Crash on Mac when adding Convex Collision to a mesh converted from a brush
Fixed! UE-45740 [CrashReport] Crash on Mac during cook - UEditorEngine::UpdateAutoLoadProject()
Fixed! UE-46421 [CrashReport] Crash on Mac - UE4Editor-SlateCore.dylib!SWindow::IsVisible()
Fixed! UE-45827 Game language settings regression
Fixed! UE-45678 Font advance and fallback font metrics have issues in 4.16
Fixed! UE-45574 Crash when adding a camera to the world in VR Mode
Fixed! UE-45415 Crash when quitting the editor with VR Mode enabled
Fixed! UE-45661 Duplicate .so files in GoogleVR.