4.15p2 BUG:ios umg texture displays reddish

The UMG textures display reddish on my iphone7plus(ios9,3beta1).To reproduce,just add a background texture to the umg,and add that to the viewport.You will see reddish background on ios (metal).Thank!

I was unable to reproduce this issue on our end. I have a few questions for you that will help narrow down what issue it is that you are experiencing.

  1. Can you reproduce this issue in a new project?
  2. Some of your Repro steps were unclear, could you provide more detailed steps for this issue?
  3. Could you provide screenshots of any blueprints/widgets/settings involved with this issue?
  4. When you are testing this issue, are you launching on the device, or are you packaging the project?
  5. What OS is your Test Device currently running on?

Thank you

Here’s the test project:

Just package it to ios(enable metal) and compare what displays on ios and on PC editor.

Thanks for the test project. I was able to reproduce the issue with the new information you provided, however I don’t believe this is an engine bug. To fix your coloring issue apply the following settings to your texture:

  1. Set your compression settings to UserInterface2D
  2. Uncheck the box sRGB

This will stop the reddish effect on your device. Please note though, that your computer and your mobile device may interpret color differently, so colors may not match 1 for 1 between screens.

Hope this helps, and good luck creating!

Thanks!That works for the umg textures!
However,if I uncheck the sRGB,the umg widget containing textures which add to the blueprint will displays undersaturated on ios.And all textures imcluding umg texture and umg widget will display undersaturated in the editor as well as es3.1preview.The following screenshots shows what I mean,the first one is in the texture editor,and the second one is in the umg editor:

In4.14 or before,this issue(reddish) never happens even if I leave sRGB checked…

Dear, I’ve encountered a same issue in iOS launch. In 4.14.3 the launch to iOS is perfect but in 4.15 P2 everything looks okay in editor and UMG but once launched to iOS on device it looks much much darker. On the side note, if i turn off sRGB and set compression settings to UserInterface2D the ram memory usage will increase dramatically in iOS and causes crash. Other part is okay only UMG.


Thank you for submitting a bug report. I have reproduced this issue and logged a report for it here

You can track the report’s status as the issue is reviewed by our development staff. Please be aware that this issue may not be prioritized or fixed soon.

This is a regression specific to Metal on iOS since we added sRGB texture sampling support. This is fixed for 4.15.

Great. Thank you very much!