[4.15] Unable to use MediaPlayer for video

I was following this tutorial to play a video file, however when I reach step 9 I get the error “The media file failed to open. Check OutputLog for details”. The log tells me that “WmfMedia (URI scheme or file extension not supported)”.

The error persist regardless of the video file type. I have tried several of my own file, the file provided in the tutorial. I also tried a stream to a youtube video. All give the exact same error.

I have also tried reinstalling Window Media Foundation, no difference.

I am at a loss as to what to do, as I have not been able to find anyone with the exact same problem on google.

Hi friend, Did you find a solution?

The error says pretty much exactly what is wrong:

URI scheme or file extension not supported

This means that the media URL you’re trying to open either has an unsupported protocol URI scheme, an unsupported file extension, or both.

What is the URL you’re trying to open?
Which platform are you playing on?

Hello.I have the same issue with ue4.15.I can play a mp4 file correctly on my PC running English Editon Windows 10, my colleague’s PC running Chinese and Korean Win10.
But when I sent our game to others, they met an issue that could play on Win10 Chinese but could’t play on Win10 Korean with the same PC.