4.15 umg scrollbox BUG

The scrollbox will break the swipe detection:
Here’s the repo steps:

1.create a blank project with mobile settings

2.enable use mouse for touch in the project settings

3.create 2 UMG blueprints,one is used as the parent.Another is the child.

4.In the child UMG blueprint,delete the canvas panel,then add a border and wrap it with a size box,and set the width and height override to 200.

5.In the child UMG’s event graph ,override the function:On Mouse Button Up ,and add a print node in that function.

6.In the parent UMG, add scrollbox and change the orientation to Horizontal.Then drag the child UMG into that scrollbox to be its child.

7.add another child UMG into the canvaspanel.Now the parent UMG shoud look like this:

8.in the levelBP,create the nodes like this:

9.now just play the game and try this steps:press and hold on the upper child widget(the border) and then move to the left(do not move outside the border),you will see no message prints.

But if you try the same step on the lower child widget,the message appears correctly.

Thanks very much!

Thank you for submitting a bug report. I have reproduced this issue and logged a report for it here

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