4.15 Physic Asset Problem

After converting a 4.14 project to 4.15, all my physic assets no longer work the way they should. The mesh gets stretched. I tried to recreate the physic assets like how I did in 4.14: click on a bone, add box then set the Angular Limits to limited but same result. My question is what changes in 4.15 that cause this? What do I have to do to correct my physic assets?

I’m having the same issue when it comes to vehicles. The simulation in the physics asset either flies around the screen and goes absolutely berserk or all the collision for the wheels collapses onto the rootbone and makes a unicycle like vehicle. I have no idea why it happens and its extremely annoying cause I can’t figure out how to fix it. I hope some experienced person can help both of us out

I’m having the same issue .anybody got the solution?