4.15 doesn't look as good as 4.14

The Modular Neighborhood pack looks better in 4.14 as I fly around. The details on trees used to “page in” more smoothly. On upgrading to 4.15 the tree detail now looks more choppy, which you can see in this video. Is there a way to configure 4.15 to look smoother?

[video]ChunkyDetails - YouTube

That looks like your Dither LOD isn’t setup correctly for the foliage/trees in your scene which is why you see the popping. Make sure that Dither LOD is enabled on all materials associated with the foliage you have.

From release notes for 4.15

“New: Added the ability for Foliage LOD dithering to be disabled on a case-by-case basis by unchecking the “Dithered LOD Transition” checkbox in the foliage materials. Note that all materials used on all LODs need to have the checkbox checked in order for dithered LOD transitions to work.”

That was it, thanks!