4.15 Causes issues with dropdown menus (Mac)

I’m having weird visual glitches with the 4.15 Unreal Editor for Mac. (MacOS 10.12.3)
The dropdown menus are displaying with blank or missing parts.

The problem seems to only occur when 4.15 is run (no earlier builds do it) but strangely the issue spreads to other drop down menus in other programs.

I have reinstalled the OS and done hardware checks but the problem persists.

Is this a known problem with the Mac build or is this just me?

Hi kevythedude,

This is the first I’ve seen of this bug but that does not necessarily mean it’s confined to your machine. Please list your system specs and try adjusting the following under Settings:

  • Preview Rendering Level (Shader Model 5 is ideal)
  • Engine Scalability Settings
  • Material Quality levels

UE4.15 no longer uses OpenGL instead taking advantage of Metal, so adjusting the above and running only UE4 and only essential background apps may alleviate the problem:

List of Mac computers that support Metal

Let me know if this does not resolve the issue.

Thanks for the response. I will try to test these suggestions.

Regarding specs.

I have a one month old iMac 5k
CPU: i7 4.0 GHz.
GPU R9 M395.
16 GB ram.

I usually am using es3 for the preview rendering level. But I think the problem happens in SM5 too.

I created a few blank projects to test the issue. With SM5 rendering on and all settings default for these new projects the artifacts are often still there. Seeing as this is not a known issue I am suspecting a hardware malfunction. The strange thing is that other UE4 versions don’t display any issues.

Hi kevythedude,

We have been able to reproduce the bug on a similar system and have logged it as UE-43026 which you can track on the following link: Unreal Engine Issues. Please be aware that since the issue must be reviewed and prioritized by our development staff, it may be a while before it can be addressed.

Thanks again for bringing this to our attention.


This issue did not occur if the editor was not in full screen on our test machine; this may alleviate the problem until the bug has been officially addressed.