4.15 bugs

lol, seems to be my luck 4.10 ran ok, 4.11 had a broken motion blur problem, 4.13 is ok now 4.15 has some problems
so it seems for every update that doesn’t have problems the next one dose, thankful none of then have made development impossible just annoying

(sorry for unnecessary tiny rant)

ok, so we my team updated to 4.15 it brought 2 problems with it
1- we are using a UMG as a HUD that is constructed on event begin play it works normal for player index 0, but the other 3 don’t seam to get one anymore… (oh, yeah were doing split screen)
before: https://i.gyazo.com/6ff97be6afdb7b6af8f28b7bb4dc29d0.jpg
after: https://i.gyazo.com/32c5e24de5e10164e18ed49fcf34a6cb.jpg
2- all our ‘user created’ blueprints moved to 0,0,0 on mostly every level, and they don’t want to move out of that spot, replacing them with new ones put them in the center with the same problems

has anyone else encounter these problems, and dose anyone know any solutions?

it would help if I can figure out the split screen problem soon cause I’m trying to make a scoreboard and its hard to tell if its working cause the other 3 don’t exist XD

1 - add a delay (5 seconds) before creating the HUD, it it does get created on Client, it means you’re dealing with replication / lag delay and you’ll have to work around this (create the HUD at a different time, maybe OnPostLogin - event on the GameMode, on “OnPossessed” of the Pawn).
2 - it looks like you’re setting it’s world location to 0;0;0 in the construction script to me

1- unfortunately this doesn’t work for split screen, I forgot to mention clients work just noticed the other 3 players on split screen

2- holy hell this also fixed another incredibly annoying bug, thank you

How you are adding widgets to the screen?

this is the EventBegin play in the Base Character class

I created a test project and it looks like when Character BeginPlaye is called it’s Controller is null, unlike in 4.14 where player had a controller.

I don’t know if it is correct, but thad definitely can happen in network multiplayer. Try creating your UI.
So I recommend you to override Possessed event, and create your HUD there (but that will not work in network multiplayer, because Possessed is only called on a server machine, lol) in your case that should work.

An funny thing is that Possessed is now called three times for two character splitscreen. Shou you should check to remove previous HUD i think.

In the screenshot you sent, you’re setting the variable “Instigator” after your “Cast to Game Mode”, therefore nobody except the Server will have the reference to “Instigator”. The Game Mode does not exist anywhere else than on Server. And since its replicated, there’ll be a 0.1/0.2 seconds delay before this variable gets updated on Client. But it seems to me that you’re plugging “Self” into it so you could just get rid of this variable.

ok this is the problem I’m having with split screen (sorry I should have included this in the OP)

this is what it looked like before 4.15

and this is after 4.15 (there seems to be an error when I tr upload the image so here is a link to the image)

Add a Print to the fail input of the “Cast to Test_Controller”. If it prints, it means the Character spawns before its Controller (or just that the Character has not been possessed yet) and therefore the cast fails so does the HUD creation.

I don’t know why I didn’t try this earlier, it printed 3 times on play in editer

I thought the HUD would be added to the camera, and the camera is a component of the character, is this not true?

When I tell you to add a delay, I mean it :wink:

The workaround would be to wait for the “OnPossess” event that you can listen on the Character Class and to launch an “OnServer” event that creates the hud.

looks like it worked, Idk why I doubted my self XD
I took this screen shoot before testing