4.15.1 eventdispatcher not binding?!

Hi Guys,

Just migrated a project from 4.12.5 to 4.15.1, now I have blueprint A it has several event dispatchers (example: EVENT1).
On the levelblueprint I take te reference to blueprint A and bind the EVENT1 to a customevent (CUSTOM1).
But the custom event CUSTOM1 never runs, like the binding is not working.
I’m sure the delegate for the event dispatcher is called from blueprint A (Call EVENT1).

Any idea’s?

In 4.12.5 it’s working fine, and I have no compiling errors.
Also when I pull a string out of reference A the bind function for EVENT1 is listed.



Hello UninvitedB,

Is it possible that this is a conversion issue? Have you tried recreating this event dispatcher to see if it works correctly? Also, when converting a project, doing so across multiple versions at once is not advised, as it can cause many problems such as this. If you can, I would suggest converting one version at a time and fixing errors as you go.

Thanks for your reply, I will try to recreate it tomorrow.
Maybe then I can fix the problem.
It only is just a hell of a job to do for the entire project, but if it’s the only way I have to.

Maybe other people experienced the same issues, I will post the result.

Wel… the problem was:

-On the levelblueprint I spawn a actor (A)

-Actor (A) contains an eventdispatcher

-Then I bind an event to the dispatcher message at the levelblueprint

-The event was not called

This happend because I used on blueprint(A) “Event begin start” to call the eventdispatcher, so the event on the levelblueprint was not yet binded but allready called.

When i just wait 1 sec on blueprint (A) the event is binded on the levelblueprint and then called correctly.

Looks like the way of execution of the engine has changed, maybe it’s faster then in the versions before.