4.15.0 + OS X + Steam yields no steam overlay

I have no log output and no errors to report, but there is no steam overlay. Where should I be looking?

I have tried many modifications to the listed tutorials and docs. I have also tried this with both a packaged and a standalone game.

Tutorials and Docs:

Hey peterklipfel,

This is a known issue, but isn’t something that we are able to resolve, unfortunately. The problem is caused by Steam Overlay’s incompatibility with CoreAnimation layer we use to display the window (which is required for Metal, so we cannot go back to old code that doesn’t use that). Valve is working on a fix for this, but they don’t have ETA.

Here’s a link to the original Answerhub post that reported this issue:

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I understand this is out of your hands, but is there a version of UE4 that Steam’s overlay still works?Or, all games developed in UE4 are currently not working with Steam’s overlay?

If you’re working on Windows, it should work fine. As far as Mac goes, I’m not a Mac user myself, so I can’t say for sure that it’s working. But if you are still having issues with it, I recommend reaching out to Valve for further support on this since it has been determined to be an issue on their end.