[4.14] UMG Widget adding to all Players

I’ve been doing some Networking, I got everything working just fine, however, when I add a widget it adds to all clients instead of executing this on a specific client…


this is my add to viewport function, as you can see, it executes only on the client on my Character Begin Play, however, each client and the listening server recieve it’s creation, which means a bunch of overlapping widgets for each client and the listening server…

How can I solve that?

P.S.: I tryed using is locally controlled, however, it only adds the widget to the listening server, all other clients don’t have it.

P.P.S.: Each client must have 1 UI_Char_BasicInfo, which is Health information, velocity information and other stuff.

Edit: This issue is for Unreal 4.13, I accidently tapped a 4 and didn’t see it xD.


I fixed after turning google upside down… for 3 times…
You can’t set the Character to self as shown because this would change all widgets to the last character, which was the problem.
You need to do something like this in your Widget to get your character:


Hope this helps anyone who gets the same problem,

We can also check if locally controlled: