4.14 umg and sound problem

Hi and thanks for the good engine .
i was in middle of making my game and i just found out 2 bad bugs in unreal engine one of them is about umg editor it’s full of bug for example when you collapse some parent in hierachy panel and you try to rename something else there , everything will be open and you should collapse again everything in the panel . another one is about animation you can not make a static animation with key frames it doesn’t matter what you do their shaking in game and you can not fix it .
and the second part of the problem is about sound problem in engine i try to make a vehicle race game and when race is over engine of the car still working like i am racing or for few second you thing game is freezing but it’s not and problem is only about the sound .

that’s it and i just try to report these bugs for make the unreal better
thank you so much again for this good engine .