4.14 SubUV animation question.

“there is now a Project Setting under Rendering > Optimization > Particle Cutouts by Default that will automatically set up the cutout optimization when materials change on an emitter.”

How does this work?
Will it look at the Alpha channel of the texture used, or at either RGB or A?
will it work even if the spritesheet/subuv texture is using a regular texture sample/texture object node instead of a particle subUV node?

Could we get some additional information on how it works under the hood, so we can either request changes/additional features or just imaginary fistbump DanielW and the rest of the team who made this possible :slight_smile:

thanks in advance!

Hello Luos, on my side I have started investiguate this new feature. In your particle systeme in > required module > PArticle Cutout. you can link a texture you want and chose the opacity source mode (RGBA)
On my side particle Cutout only work with texture (.Targa) with an alpha channel. If my texture have no alpha channel ParticleCutout will not work, even if i choose a R-G or B channel to use like a (mask)

Let me know if you have found something new with this feature. Perhaps im missing something :wink: