4.14 - New Audio Debug commands?

Hi all,

Hoping that I’ve overlooked it but looking for the new audio debug commands that were released in 4.14.

“New: Added a debug command to solo specific sound waves, sound cues, and sound classes.”

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Apologies – I should have put more information in the release notes.

The debug console commands are:

“AudioSoloSoundClass SoundClassName”

“AudioSoloSoundCue SoundCueName”

“AudioSoloSoundWave SoundWaveName”

These toggle on/off and work with substring parsing. So if you have a naming convention for your sound waves, you can solo all footsteps by using “AudioSoloSoundWave footstep”. This would solo sound waves named “footstep_dirt_0”, “footstep_dirt_1”, etc. Note that it ignores case.

It also works in conjunction with each other so you can create a weird debug scenario where you want to solo sound waves in a particular sound class:

AudioSoloSoundClass EnemySounds

AudioSoloSoundWave footstep

I.e. Solo just enemy sounds and just enemy sound footsteps. This way you can sort of carve out exactly the sounds you want to hear.

To toggle the soloing off, just use the command again without an argument. We debated about whether or not it should persist between PIE sessions and we decided to allow it to persist (so it’s stored in the singleton audio device manager object and not clear on PIE shutdown). This was so that if you’re iterating on a set of sounds you don’t have to constantly reenter it in the console command. However, you might forget its on and wonder why your sounds aren’t happening.

These are all minor features compared to what we hope to be able to work on in the future with a more full-fledged audio debugging/profiling tool after the new audio mixer is finished. I quickly implemented them while I was tracking down a bug and figured I’d polish it up a bit and give it as a tool to sound designers since it is pretty useful.

Thanks for the lightning quick response!

I’m happy to see tools like this coming online as it does add another weapon for honing in on a sound issue and/or dialing one in. Looking forward to seeing what you guys come up with next.