4.14 Mouse Visibility Bug


Since the 4.14 update the mouse sometimes stays invisible after you set bShowMouseCursor on the PlayerController to true. Also it seems like the mouse capture feature is not working as intended anymore, it sometimes shows the mouse when capturing while and it shouldn’t. These issues were non existent in 4.13.

Is there any workaround for this issue, or even a fix that can be applied to the engine source?

Thank you!

Bump: I cannot be the only one who has experienced this issue. This bug is very annoying for players and I would like to get it fixed ASAP. I already looked into the engine code but couldn’t find the source of the issue so far. I might just try to revert all related source files to the 4.13 versions and hope that nothing breaks.

I found a workaround for this, quite ugly but it solves the problem and that’s the main point. Here is what I added after setting the input mode:

FSceneViewport * Viewport = GameViewportClient->GetGameViewport();
		if (Viewport)
			TSet<FKey> Keys;
			Viewport->OnMouseButtonUp(FGeometry(), FPointerEvent(0, FVector2D::ZeroVector, FVector2D::ZeroVector, FVector2D::ZeroVector, Keys, FModifierKeysState()));

I am not marking this as solved in order that Epic staff can see it and maybe properly fix it in a future engine version.