4.14 has something wrong with it

The Windows are no longer refreshing themselves properly but stay stuck on the screen so if a window is underneath another one, it won’t always
pop it up by clicking on it, only way to bring it up is to click on the unreal icon below on the task bar to switch over to the window.

I also migrated my project from 4.12 to 4.14

My game Map file for Telos City was only 70 megs before I migrated it out of 4.12 to 4.14 But When I migrated out the project to the latest engine version, I found my map had BALOOONED all the way up to 200 MEGS in file size (THAT’S WAY TOO BIG…) How can the map jump from 70 megs
to a whopping 200 megs during migration?

Strangely when i did the Quest Series. The Spiders couldn’t be killed in 4.12 Their health bars would not decrease down. They could not be killed. But they could take my health bar down.

But when I migrated up to 4.14. Now the spiders can be killed. Their health now decreases but the widget don’t update the health bar, I’ll have to check the code. But the spiders die after a few hits and increase the exp bar with each kill. So that’s working.

The Patrol Point array don’t work yet.

I dont know whats your question is. For now i would say, do a clean reinstall oft your engine. I have now problems with the editor