4.14 crashes with spline component

Unreal version 4.14 crashes every time that you use spline component and try to add the point 0 or 1 before clear all spline points.

To reproduce the crash:

  1. Create a new actor and go to the construction script.
  2. Add spline component
  3. Add Point
  4. Make a splinepoint where the inputkey is 0 or 1
  5. Compile the blueprint.

Outcome: crash occurs

Edit: If you save the blueprint before compiling, after the crash, you will not be able to open our project because of that blueprint.

Hi TagoWill,

Thanks for the report. I was able to reproduce this and I’ll be investigating further. I’ll post back here once it’s complete. It will likely be after the holiday here.

Hey TagoWill,

Sorry for the delay. I created JIRA UE-39144 for this crash and our developers will be investigating further. Please follow that link to monitor the bugs status and feel free to vote.

As for it locking you out of the project; try deleting the blueprint from your OS’s content browser. That should allow you to at least reopen the project.



Already did it. Thank you.

This makes a lot of sense as to some of the issues I’ve seen crop up in 4.13.
I added a vote - this is a P1 bug imho.

Any news on the issue ? Looks like it’s taking forever.

I would really like to use the more advanced Add Point rather than the mediocre Add Spline Point

PS : if you have an Add Point in your construction script and you saved, you are bound to crash on reopening the blueprint.
This ought to be a top priority issue.