4.14 bugs with animation features

Good Afternoon,

I’d like to report a couple of bugs in the animation system that are new to the 4.14 release of the engine.

I’ve updated to 4.14.1, and they still occur, so I figure I better get them reported.

Here are some simple steps to reproduce the bugs:

  1. Create a new ThirdPerson project from the template. Import a custom character. Open the Retargeting window for the custom character, assign the humanoid template, and assign bones for retargeting. Open the retargeting window for the mannequin, and assign the Humanoid template for retargeting. Retarget the ThirdPerson_AnimBP of the mannequin to the new character. Leave the default name. Open the ThirdPersonCharacter blueprint. Assign the new character’s skeletal mesh to the Mesh > Skeletal Mesh property. Assign the new duplicated ThirdPerson_AnimBP for the character to the “Anim Class” property (mouse over the “circle icon” in the combobox to make sure you assign the one with the correct path). Here’s the bug – it won’t use the new duplicated blueprint, even though the right one was selected.

Close the ThirdPersonCharacter blueprint. Rename the new ThirdPerson_AnimBP to something else. Reopen the ThirdPersonCharacter blueprint, reassign the renamed AnimBP – now it works fine.

This first started to be a problem in 4.14; prior to this, the default name of ThirdPerson_AnimBP of a retargeted blueprint would work fine.

  1. If you open a skeletal mesh’s asset, in the “Asset Details” panel, under “Skeletal Mesh”, there is the new “Post Process Anim Blueprint” setting. If something is assigned here, then “Clear” is selected to unassign it later, “Clear” doesn’t work. The only workaround to clear this so nothing is assigned is deleting the assigned skeletal mesh asset from the content browser to clear the field.

Please try and recreate these on your end, and add them to your system to be fixed in a future release.

Thank you,


Hi Brad,

Thanks for reporting these!

For your first bug, I’ve gone ahead and entered UE-39833. I did check whether it occurred in previous builds and it occurs in 4.13 as well.

For your second bug, this is a known issue and was entered as UE-39017.

Thank you !