4.14 Bug Report - Nav Mesh Not Updating After Adding Collision

In 4.14 after adding collision to a mesh in the mesh editor, the nav mesh does not update to reflect the new collision. The collision shows up in the editor when I set the view mode to ‘Player Collision’, so I know that it’s registering the collision.

In order for the nav mesh to update and work correctly I have to restart the project. I believe this is a bug with 4.14 as I don’t remember having this issue with previous versions of the engine.

Hey DFILL450,

This sounds like a known issue that we have in our database. Take a look at the link below:

Thanks for your report.

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by the link unknown issue

I’ve checked on this, and the issue in question is a feature request, which we currently do not expose publicly.

I can, however, say that this should be working as of 4.15. If you’re still running into issues with this, please open a new thread in the Bug Reports section with a detailed list of repro steps so we can investigate.

Thank you