4.14 Advanced Vehicle Template. No collision wheels in HTML5 build

Problem with 4.14-release and with current 4.14 branch. In 4.13 all was fine. Can anyone confirm that the problems in the 4.14?


I can confirm that I’m seeing the same behavior. This could be related to other issues we’re having related to 4.14’s upgrade to PhysX 3.2. I’m going to test something that is supposed to fix those other issues and then try testing this on that same build. I’ll let you know the results.

Thank you for your report, rk_,

I’ve placed a bug report in here for the issue: UE-39296 With the amount of changes surrounding vehicles and physx right now, I can’t tell if it’s occurring in our latest internal build yet as it is being blocked by another issue but you should be able to follow the progress of the bug there.