4.14.3 Hotfix Released

The 4.14.3 Hotfix is now live! This hotfix resolves a few important issues with the 4.14 release, including the FBX import crash that was unfortunately introduced in the previous hotfix.

Feel free to discuss this release on the 4.14 Forum thread.

If you experience a bug with the 4.14.3 Hotfix, please follow the How to Report a Bug guide to report it on the UE4 Answerhub.

Fixed in 4.14.3

Fixed! UE-40229 Editor Crashes when importing some FBXs with multiple Material IDs in 4.14.2
Fixed! UE-40294 Put fix for UE-39713 into 4.14.3 (Memory leak in GPURealloc)
Fixed! UE-40243 Calling FAudioDevice::StopAllSounds from UEngine::CommitMapChange asserts
Fixed! UE-40156 PhysX issue causing lag, high ping, and failures