4.14.3 "Ghost Folders"?

How do I get rid of these “ghost” references? I cannot find them anywhere, there is no physical file/folder for those.

Here is some more info I found. So apparently some Mats have references that do not exist. How can I fix this? The “fix up redirectors” doesnt do anything.

You could navigate to your Project Folder, then open Content and see whats in there.

It happens often when you delete a folder in the Editor, that the folder it self is not deleted on Windows level.
When you reopen the engine, the folder is there again (but empty). You’ll have to delete them manually via Windows Explorer.

Those folders did not exist in windows explorer either.

Well, I found an answer in another post. It would make life much easier if Epic added the ability to Replace/delete broken references from in “Reference Viewer”

  1. Recreate the folder hierarchy of the missing reference
  2. Copy the referenced asset from it’s current location to the referenced location that you created in #1
  3. Delete the asset you just copied making sure to pick “Replace References” at the bottom left and choose the asset from its current location
  4. Save all
  5. Fix re-directors. May need to do it a couple times
  6. Delete the folders you created in #1 ( obviously if you have multiple broken references with the same folder hierarchy, only delete that hierarchy after the last copied asset is done)
  7. Save all
  8. Repeat for each missing reference.

Hi Cmcginn,

Are these epic assets you are finding these in or third party assets? If they are epic assets, please list some examples.

If they are third party assets, I recommend contacting the content creator to inquire about these blank nodes and, if they do not server a purpose, how to remove them.