4.14.1 Crash when set Collision Respons on Destructible

Spend a whole day figuring why my 4.14 upgrades project keeps crashing. I narrowed it down to this problem. I think this is a bug in 4.14.

When I set the Collision Response on channel to a destructible component within a actor blueprint, the editor crashes.


  1. Create actor blueprint
  2. Add destructible component
  3. For example in the construction script: Set Collision Response to channel to the destructible component.
  4. Compile leads to crash of the editor.

Same issue here.

Hi ipas & AdrianLazar,

Thank you for the report. I was able to reproduce this behavior and I’ve created JIRA UE-39955. Our developers will be investigating further. Follow that link to monitor the progress of the bug and please feel free to vote on it’s fix priority.