4.13 Sequencer Feedback

I just completed quite a large animation render using sequencer as my primary output tool.

Here’s some things I experienced:

  1. When I render out a movie and after it completes, the editor is incredibly unresponsive until it’s restarted.
  2. Controlling the timeline zoom is sort of painful as it’s hard to zoom in on a specific frame without typing it in.
  3. It would be nice to be able to snap to frame increments as well as time increments. I couldn’t snap to keys either.
  4. The last frame of the animation is always the start. If the animation and sequence end at the same time, this frame shouldn’t be there. I kept having to trim the sequence .001s ahead.
  5. Output options for movies is fairly thin. At the very least, .mp4 would be great as it’s more upload ready.

Hope it helps.

Hi, Thanks for the feedback. A few thoughts:

  1. Unfortunately, this will be dependent upon a number of factors, like hardware, resolution that you’re rendering, etc.
  2. There’s quite a few ways to control the timeline zoom factor. In case you’re not aware you can also frame on the selected keys or sections by hitting the ‘f’ shortcut. If you double click on a section, you can zoom into that section. Double clicking again will return you to your previous zoom factor. If you hold down control and drag in the time scrubber region, you’ll zoom into that dragged region. If you hold down control and drag to the left, you will zoom out (this is a stack actually and you can zoom in multiple times).
  3. Snapping to frames and times should be on by default. Do you have the magnet button on? There’s also quite a few snapping options in the menu next to it. Perhaps one of those is what you’re looking for?
  4. Yes, we’ll be looking at last frame issues in a future release.
  5. Yes, we’re hoping to add more features for rendering movies in a future release, including adding audio.
  1. I do believe this is a little deeper than that as it doesn’t seem to matter if I render out a smaller version or what FPS I use. The editor’s alive after the render, but it’s about 3spf (secs per frame).

  2. Thank you thank you thank you

  3. Yea I can snap to increments but they’re all based on time, not frames.

I’m unsure what setting the snap to (30FPS) actually does though as this appears to be such a fine increment it’s the same behavior as no snap.

Thanks for your feedback.