4.13 rsync help

Hi, i resonantly upgraded to 4.13 and i need some help. Im trying to build and i cant because sins the update you are forced to use rsync. I have no idea how to use it and cant find much on it. but let me tell you what i have done.

I have put in the right remote server name as well as the username. Then went to package project ios. it start followed the instructions that showed one the 1st time it connected only do fall because of permission issues. I have been having a lot of issues with my mac so i then said why not do a fresh install. So i wiped everything out and reinstalled xcode.

Im know trying to package it again after deleting the old ssh key. I then got promoted to do the ssh stuff again. I did it the same a before but know all i get is error (i will attach a log file). I cant get rsync to work please help. Thank you for your time and have a nice day.

link text

Im getting a different error now.

link text

No matter how hard i try i cant seem to get it to work. Please someone i need help.

Atleast you can actually connect to RSync. I’m having major trouble with this. I Keep getting an Error everytime i try to generate SSH Key. Here’s the error

What could be wrong?

thank sucks. I think my issue is with my mac, but i dont know.

got it to connect finnaly. I googled Host key verification failed sins that is the error i was getting. I found a forum where it said to delete the file Known hosts in the .ssh folder on you pc. i found mine in the C:\Users(Your Username). If anyone has the same issue here is the fix.

Try my fix maybe it will help you i don’t know thou. Its worth a shot.