4.13 Released!

How exactly do i make the landscape create LODs with the closest being a tessalated one? Added a tessalted Material to a Landscape but it just tessalates to the horizon no down stepping.

Experimental support for DX12 has existed for a few releases. It is not fully supported yet, and still under active development.

These are also currently Experimental. You can find the option under any light source by searching for “Contact Shadow Length”, but they are still under active development.

Hey Motorsep,

I did a little digging and here is what I came up with.

  1. UE4 does have Mobile SDK 1.0.3 but no multi view rendering yet. It is currently being worked on but did not make it into 4.13.
  2. Being worked on but did not make it into 4.13.
  3. No.
  4. Yes & No, due to this feature is still being experimental in 4.13. If you want to try it out you will need to download the source from Github and compile the engine to get access.



thanks for the reply … :wink:

Could someone perhaps help me with understanding how the fluid surface blueprint with the blueprint to render target feature works? I’m trying to adapt it for my needs, but if I replace the plane mesh with my own, it doesn’t work, even though both are exactly the same, mine is just smaller and has fewer vertices (I use tesselation to add more detail based on distance). Also, how does the propagation of the ripples work? I need more control over how they animate. Could I maybe replace the ripple generator with a texture (a flipbook sprite sheet with a heightmap) so I have more control over the shape and perhaps speed of the ripples?

Did a distance based tessellation to test the performance improvements (if any), but the landscape appears in chunks as I fly around. (It’s not a world composition).

I thought that it will allow to access the ‘Mesh’ and ‘Component Class’ fields from Foliage Type object in blueprints, but it’s not that. Is it C++ only? Or did I misunderstand it? :slight_smile:

Awesome update everyone!

Will the new hair example Brian showed at Siggraph be released soon?

We’re not releasing the same asset, but are working on a new one. It’s on the way, but not immediately.


Hey Maximum-Dev,

It looks like you are experiencing a bounds issue. Try extending the Negative and Positive ZBounds for the landscape. The flickering and disappearing of meshes/components are sometimes the cause of World Position Offset pushing the object past its bounds. It looks like you are using WPO in your material. I would also be sure to set the Static Lighting LOD to the default, just for testing purposes.

Let me know if you are still experiencing the issue after trying the suggested changes.


Thanks for the quick reply!
I assume proper documentation for the new hair and eye shader is also coming?

I am guessing you are opening the zipped archive directly in Windows Explorer, correct? I have noticed some slowness when doing this, with the window it opens in appearing to hang for a lengthy period of time before finally showing the files. When I open the archive with WinRAR or 7-Zip, it opens almost immediately and using either of those utilities to unzip the archive works for me without any problems. Have you tried using a zip utility to open the archive?


So much mobile love :smiley:

New: UBT on windows will now look for existence of a “UE4CSharp.prog” file next to a C# program project, that would like to be added to the UE4.sln.

What does that mean?

is this it, or are there more improvements planned?
this doesn’t really help much with the issue of tessellation having a very high base cost (even if tessellation multiplier is 0 and there’s effectively zero tessellation going on)

also as someone mentioned, this can be a feature regression. is this optional or forced? otherwise you cannot use tessellation to “re-subdivide” landscapes where LOD is too strong (but only want to subdivide selectively)

Hi Andrew,

I did not use WPO. Only using the distance based tessellation setup that I have been using in 4.12 and older versions. Screen below.
Also I did extend the bounds and set static lod to default but nothing changes.

Generally speaking the highest lod still covers a very massive area, areas far from player that don’t need to ge tessellated. So the only way people are able to use tessellation and limit it’s range to a few meters from player is through this distance based setup. That I don’t know why is not working in 4.13 at the moment.
I hope this get fixed for the hotfix.

Hi Maximum-Dev.

Since this may be an issue that requires further investigation, please create a Bug Report on the UE4 Answerhub. Our staff will follow-up there to determine if there is an issue that needs to be addressed.



Enabling the “Forward Shading” option in Project Settings… Can we use MSAA for antialiasing?? I mean… any console command or something similar?

Thanks for your work Epic, Unreal is better each release.

Ouch, typing “custom” in Blueprint no longer brings “Add custom event”, it brings “SuggestVelocityProjectile CustomArc”. It’s killing me xD