4.13 release date?

Hi guys,

As the title says, I would like to know if there is an official release date for 4.13 patch? I have tried looking everywhere, but couldn’t find anything. If anyone has some insights on that please let me know. Thank you in advance.


I have asked around, and apparently we won’t be getting a preview build for another few months.

Well that sucks, wanted to wait for a newer version before I start making the game. If it will take few months then I will have to use the current version I guess… Well thank you anyways for the information, at least I will start doing something today, instead of waiting for x days.

Upgrading mid-development is generally not a problem, unless you have a **** ton of content, and even then, it can go smoothly.

I never had a problem with my project when switching to a new engine version, if you have a Blueprint only project don’t worry but if you have a C++ project you sometimes need to adapt your code to the new engine version.

If even preview of 4.13 is months from now, does that mean there will be lots of hot fixes for 4.12? Or they will want to stabilize 4.13 (get rid all bugs)?

In april there was information from Epics that 4.13 will be released in the end of july (can’t find corresponding forum post). But now it seems there will be few weeks delay

Here’s an article on about mixed reality recording - a long awaited feature for UE4 VR devs who want to show users “inside” their VR games: Epic Games Details Unreal Engine 4 Mixed Reality Support

The article includes information by Nick Whiting, Technical Director of VR and AR at Epic. Toward the bottom of the post, the author writes “The company expects to release in a matter of weeks and we’ll follow up when it does.”

Take that for what it’s worth, but we may hear about early releases before the end of this month.

dont have a date for unreal engine 4.13 release date

but Unreal Engine beta release 4.13 promises significant improvements in Real-time global illumination and hard-body dynamics

Where did you find that out?

I hope they first improve 4.12 more (or continue also support it). Landscape splines in sublevels cause crash everytime when hitting play -> cant playtest my project’s main map. If they start focus on 4.13 now, will need to wait few months for possible stable build.

CANT WAIT for 4.13 this month!!!

Nice try :wink:

31st of September.

Any evidence to back that up? Have any idea as to when the first preview will be, is early next month a good estimate, itching to try out the new media framework features!!

Is there any confirmation that 4.13 preview will support GoogleVR/ Cardbaord plugin for iOS??? I was told this may be implemented in an answershub post, but am looking for confirmation for a current product. Otherwise, need to start developing the SimpleHMD modification… :confused: