4.13 Preview 1: Alembic import results in "Unreal Engine has stopped working"

Hello. I’ve been trying to import an Alembic format animation from Cinema 4D. This animation is based on the MoGraph system, using a Sound effector to alter the shape of a Cloner array, then storing the animation on a MoGraph cache.

I’m certain the file works. I can open it in 3DS Max as well. But no matter the option for importing (except Static Mesh, which isn’t really much use since I need the animation) it crashes Unreal Engine. I can’t post a crash log because it’s a hard crash, and no log is made. At least not that I know of.

Thanks in advance.

Hi Artistical,

Could you maybe attach the Alembic file so I can take a look, preview 2 should have some fixes related to the importer already!



Of course. It’s quite big, since it’s a 4 minute animation. Here’s a Dropbox:

Thanks for providing the test asset. I was able to see the issue you have with Preview 1. I tested your asset on my latest internal build of 4.13 that will be part of Preview 2 when that is released and it imports the asset.

As Jurre mentioned, this should be resolved in the next preview release. Let us know if you are still having issues.

I really appreciate the help, and it relieves me to know it’s fixed on preview 2. However, I seem to be having a bit of a deadline here, so any approximates on when Preview 2 will launch would be extremely helpful in sorting out schedules in my company.

Thanks again :smiley: