[4.13 PRE] Cannot open include file "SteamVRChaperoneComponent.h"

I’ve been rewriting the Virtual Reality Template in 4.13 PREVIEW but I came across this problem:

I cannot compile the project and VS says it doesn’t find the SteamVRChaperoneComponent.h header.

I added “SteamVR” to the Project.Build.cs file and I included the SteamVRChaperoneComponent.h in the cpp file. I tried including
“…/…/…/Plugins/Runtime/Steam/SteamVR/Source/SteamVR/Classes/SteamVRChaperoneComponent.h” but it didn’t work either.

Here is my code


I get these errors:

What could be the problem?

I’m having the same problem in the official build of 4.13. I am able to build the project if I do not call any functions from the Chaperone component. If I look into a blueprint it seems to have created and setup the component just fine, I can call blueprint nodes from it as well. If I try to do it through code however, I get the same linker errors.

I was having the same Issue and then I changed the Solution Configuration from development to debug game and it compiled and linked correctly =/
Nvm, it will compile from VS but not from the editor so scratch that

Was having the same problem. Just refresh the Visual Studio Project inside the Unreal Editor or create the Visual Studio Solution via right clicking the .uproject file. I think this needs to be done after every dependency change.

Hey Everyone.

I was dealing with the same problem with the engine version 4.24.1. Incase someone else needed this i have figured it out by editing the ProjectName.Build.cs:

Please excuse me for bad usage of this image adding system. It’s my first time. :slight_smile:

I really don’t know which line fix it.

I’ve read some stuff and find out with 4.24 Epic change the include system. So we need to be clear/specific about our include files.

Whatever, ’ hope this helps you.

Wish you awesome day.

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