4.13 - LE Extended Standard Library

Update is needed for my project from 4.12 to 4.13. I have used LE Extended Standard Library. I can not cook and package my project since I updated. It seems that LE Extended Standard Library is compatible but although I tried to install 4.13 engine several times, when I try to start my project , I receive a warning says Plugin missing and when I click yes to download it from the Marketplace , UE4 says we cant find the page you requested. If there is no solution, at least I would like to ask your help to remove plugin for updated version of project that I can cook and package.

Hey ahmede46,

As LE Extended Standard Library is a third-party plugin, we do not offer support for it.

What I’d recommend is that you email the support email listed on this page: LE Extended Standard Library in Code Plugins - UE Marketplace

There, you’ll be able to get in touch with the creator of the plugin and get support from them. If it is determined that the issue ends up not being with the plugin, feel free to leave a comment to reopen this thread.

Have a great day

I have no idea who I should believe now and problem is not solved !!!

After testing this using the same plugin, I wasn’t able to get the same results. Could you provide the exact steps you’re following when you’re experiencing this error so we can reproduce it on our end and attempt to find a solution?


I created empty project in 4.13 and merged the level from 4.12 to new project in 4.13 and the problem was solved.