[4.13]Can't acess Int Point(Type)

When create a new variable, the type “Int Point” can’t be search or promote.

But if I drag the input node to Event like below:

then it can be create normally.
I have no idea which one is a bug (CAN’T or CAN create this type), but I may prefer using this value commonly.

or I should use Vector2D to store 2 int with 4 cast node(set and get), this mess up the Graph.

Hi Smallee,

I’m a bit confused.

  • Are you creating a Struct that you cannot see within another blueprint event graph?
  • What steps are you taking to recreate this on your end?
  • Does this occur in a clean, blank project with no additional content or is it limited to one project?

Hi ,
I am not creating any Struct, just a simple variable.
This occur in a clean blank project.

I want to let user change resolution via a custom UMG, I try to add new variable but can’t set variable to this “Int Point” type

I simply use the node “Get Game User Setting” then add “Set Screen Resolution” node.
“Set Screen Resolution” node has a parameter, and it’s type is “Int Point”.
So I drag this parameter to custom event, then it can create this type of value

This is the only way to create this type of variable, but still can’t find this type.
means if I change the parameter’s type, it can’t be change back to “Int Point”

I think I’m following you now. IntPoint is not something that is exposed to blueprints directly. For what you are describing, I would create a new struct blueprint with two Ints (X and Y, respectively) and save the values within to the values you want. You can use a “Make IntPoint” node to pass the specific int values you need into the Set ScreenResolution node. Having said this, I’ve entered a bug report here as IntPoint is not exposed.

A great workaround I found for this is to create two global functions.

The first function converts the IntPoint to a Vector2D, so I am able to store it in a save game file as a Vector2D. The second converts the Vector2D back into an IntPoint if I ever need to pull the data and use it to set my resolution.

Basically, IntPoint to Vector2D, and Vector2D to IntPoint.