4.13 - Alembic Importer - Materials / Textures (mostly busted ATM)

I’ve been working with the Vertex Animation options with the Alembic importer.

Realizing it’s mostly experimental, there are some oddities with it, including the import orientation.

  • The V Coordinates are flipped for textures
  • Materials are performing really strangely, with no ability to import them, and all coming in with numerical names. Materials - Textures are incredibly tedious for these ATM.

These are my top 2 at the moment.


i have an weired problem as well. When applying a texturefile map to the alembic file, it get´s a spider-man web on it. :wink: only pure color doesn´t show it. No normal or other is used on the material.
Do you know where this problem coming from? I import from DAZ-Studio, not much i can change in the export.