4.13.2 placed objects in the surface of the axis of adsorption failure

In 4.13.1 before the version I can quickly put the objects to be placed in order to change the axis of the object accurately placed on the surface of other objects.

However, after 4.13.2 I can not continue to work, for example, before the work I want to put the fruit plate on the table, just drag the fruit plate to the desktop, it will be based on the axis of the fruit plate accurate Placed on the desktop, this feature has been the default exists.

But in 4.13.2 can not achieve this function, and I now drag the object to the surface of the object will appear in other places, and can not be accurately placed on the surface of the object.

This is the BUG or 4.13.2 need to be re-installed.

I am sorry that my English is not very good, so the problem description may seem very confusing.