[4.13.1] Missing plugins warnings in packaged games

Hello all, I disabled some plugins from the Editor’s plugin browser, then I packaged my game. When I tried to run it I kept getting the missing plugins warnings for the plugins I just disabled and it seems that they get packaged also with the game resulting in a large size of the packaged game. I used to do this in 4.12.5 and there was no such issues.

Which plugins did you disable? If you disabled any plugins that your project is using, those errors will pop up when opening the project. Can you show the error?


I disable all plugins, the project is simply a 2D game with physics nothing more or less. I want to package it for Android and disabling these plugins reduces the packaged size. I used to do this in 4.12.5 as I mentioned

Some plugins are needed depending on your project. You should enable the plugins in the project and one by one restart the editor to make sure that your project doesn’t need each one that you disable.

If you can show the error, that would be more helpful.


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